What Are My Tooth Replacement Options?

With the start of a new year fast approaching, it is a wonderful time to evaluate the state of your oral health. If you are in need of a hygiene examination and cleaning, it is wise to make an appointment before the end of the year. If you or a loved one has experienced tooth loss or are experiencing severe decay or other serious issues, the start of the year is the perfect time to choose a tooth replacement option to restore the function of your teeth. I can provide a variety of tooth replacement options and would love to tell you more about these fantastic choices so you have a better understanding before we meet. Read on to learn more.

Not All Dental Insurance Is Created Equal

Dental insurance can be a great help for those who have it. A typical dental plan will cover preventive care entirely and a portion of other common treatments, like fillings, crowns, and root canal therapy. At Seven Star Dental, we proudly work with most dental insurance providers. However, we do not accept Medicaid, Medicare, or other government funded insurance. It’s not because we want to make our patients’ lives difficult. On the contrary, it’s because we want to make them better.

Routine Care Is Important For EVERYONE

When was the last time we saw you in the office? If you can’t remember or it has been quite some time since your last visit, I encourage you to contact the office today! I understand that life is busy. It seems like there are endless activities and obligations during the week and on the weekends. In fact, you may have had every intention of scheduling your oral hygiene appointment, but it keeps slipping your mind. I want to encourage all of my patients to make your oral health as well as your overall health a priority. Receiving routine medical care is important to ensure you do not experience a dental or medical emergency. Read on to learn more.

Welcome To Seven Star Dental

At Seven Star Dental, Dr. Bustamante and her team have created a dental office environment that helps patients feel comfortable, safe, and like they are members of the family. We understand that many patients feel intimidated in a dental setting. Our goal is to provide general dentistry services, specializing in cosmetic dentistry, in a way that makes patients feel welcomed and relaxed. We encourage you to learn more about our practice and hear thoughts from our team and our beloved patients. Click here to watch a short video and learn more about what makes our practice special and different from the rest.

The Answer To A Burning Question

Have your or a loved one experienced tooth loss and you are wondering if you need to replace your missing tooth? While this might not pertain to you at the moment, you may be in this situation in the future. When front teeth are missing, patients are eager to replace them immediately. However, when the missing tooth is in the back of the mouth, some patients are a little more hesitant and consider leaving the space open. We are here to tell you that we will always recommend a tooth replacement no matter the location of your missing tooth. Missing teeth can lead to serious complications with your oral health. Continue reading to learn more.

What To Know About Invisalign®

Would you love to improve the placement of your teeth but avoid treatment because you are not interested in traditional metal braces? At Seven Star Dental, we have the perfect treatment plan for you. We offer a popular treatment plan that allows our patients to straighten their teeth without the bulkiness of metal braces and brackets and provides a number of benefits that our patients love — Invisalign®.

What Makes Us Unique?

At Seven Star Dental, our mission is to provide the highest quality of modern dental care, ensuring your ultimate comfort and an outstanding dental experience. The oral health and well-being of our patients is our primary focus. We understand that each patient has unique dental needs, and we will walk you through the best options to reach your unique, desired goals. From simple cleanings to cosmetic dentistry and comprehensive full mouth restorations, we offer a variety of treatments that will promote optimal oral health for you and your family.