Seven Star Dental patients have ASKED: How to prevent coffee and tea stains?

 All colored food and drinks have the potential to stain our teeth. Some of the most common stains come from our most beloved drinks: coffee and tea.

Here is a list of tips to help you prevent coffee and stains:

  • Use a straw whenever possible
  • Try to decrease the time taken to enjoy the full drink….. Hmm, not possible to do you say? Well then…
  • Fully rinse, gargle, and drink water to diminish deposits of stain particles on your teeth after coffee or tea.
  • Ideally, brush and floss after having your morning or afternoon cup!
  • Products such as whitening toothpaste tend to have abrasive particles. They work well, but with prolonged use, they may cause more temporary sensitivity than regular toothpaste.

Moreover, if you find yourself being more prone to stains; this could also be due to the composition of your enamel; or, the alignment of your teeth.

The More porous or textured enamel is very prone to collecting stains. (This can be from excess acidic drinks or lack of fluoride.) Crowded teeth will tend to collect more stains as well, due to the challenge of cleaning them.

What can be done in these instances?

Get your professional dental cleanings at least every six months. Our Seven Star Dental team will provide meticulous care to remove all plaque and stain deposits.

Moreover, we will enjoy informing you about your particular situation and recommend the right products and at-home whitening techniques that best suit you. We also offer options from conservative to more advanced professional treatments, to give you the bright and healthy teeth to confidently smile!

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