Our Dental Technology


At Seven Star Dental in Cincinnati, we pride ourselves on offering you the very latest dental technology.  While other dental practices may not be as committed to keeping their equipment regularly upgraded, we insist on investing in the latest and greatest technological advancements in the market in order to provide you with unparalleled comfort, care and convenience.  Take a look at some of the technologies we use on a daily basis:

CEREC Technology, Same Day Crowns

CAD-CAM technology is the latest, state-of-the-art used in office in order to:
  1. eliminate guppy impressions, all the impressions are digital
  2. increase precision in the final restoration
  3. in many instances, finish the procedure from start to seating the final porcelain crown in one single visit.
Our patients love the convenience of getting the treatment done in a single visit, or at the very least making the procedure much more pleasant and precise by using this latest technology.
During a chairside treatment, Dr. Bustamante carries out all the steps, from digital impressions and computer-based construction of the restoration to the milling process, inside of her practice. She uses an Intraoral camera to take a photo of the preparation, the adjacent teeth, and the bite situation. Based on the images, the CEREC software creates a virtual model of your tooth situation.  Dr. Bustamante uses this model to design the tooth restoration on the screen and sends it wirelessly to the milling unit. Depending on the type of restoration, it is then milled out of a color-matched ceramic block in just 6 to 15 minutes using diamond-coated milling units.  Dr. Bustamante can then add the finishing touches to the restoration by painting, polishing, and glazing it, before adhesively integrating it on the tooth.
As the final crown mills in-office, we pamper you ensuring your comfort and the music or show of your choice.  Patients love this time to themselves away from the daily stresses of home or work!

Our CEREC technology allows us to scan, design and place various restorations – including crowns, bridges, veneers and inlays/onlays – on the same day.  For you, our valuable patient, this means only one trip to the dentist, only one use of local anesthetic, and no need to wear an uncomfortable, imperfect temporary restoration, which is worn for several weeks.

3D Cone Beam and Panoramic Digital X-Rays

With our very low radiation cone beam technology, we are able to scan all the facial and oral structures and evaluate for fractures, disease, infection, tumors (which are not detectable on a conventional x-ray). Also, this cutting-edge technology allows us to treatment plan with accuracy and predictability implant restorations for tooth replacement.

Taking a 2D panoramic radiograph of both the upper and lower jaw in one picture helps us get a clear view of the status of the teeth particularly the “mixed dentition” stage of young children and teens, also screen for the health of the bone and signs of systemic concerns, such as osteoporosis, tumors, and even metastatic cancer.

The 3D Cone Beam Digital X-Ray offers a low dose three-dimensional image that tells us the height, width, and density of the bone. It assists with dental implant planning, oral surgery, root canals, orthodontics and much more. 

Dental Lasers

Dr Maria Bustamante uses a diode soft-tissue laser for cosmetic, surgical, palliative and gum health procedures, a few include:
  • esthetic gingival reduction, to reduce a gummy smile
  • frenectomy
  • biopsy
  • treatment of aphthous ulcers, painful oral ulcers
  • disinfecting gingival (perio) pockets
  • cauterizing extraction sites
The laser helps to improve circulation and improve inflammation. Our perio-hygiene department can use it to clean out diseased and inflamed gum tissue in periodontal pockets. 

Digital Wireless Communications

Our state-of-the-art practice is almost entirely paperless. Your forms are filled out and submitted electronically via tablet. There are no paper charts; all of your records are captured and protected electronically. We offer complimentary Wi-Fi access.  Each treatment room is private and equipped with internet-accessible applications such as Netflix, Hulu and an HD Movie Library.  We can even email you your receipts, treatment plans, educational videos and post-operation surgery instructions.