Crown and Bridge in Cincinnati

Dental crowns have evolved over the years. They used to be made primarily of gold, but now we have available all-porcelain crowns that allow both strength and esthetics.  

A dental bridge can be an optimal option to replace one of more missing teeth. It requires a supporting tooth on either side or the space to hold the bridge. In simple terms, a dental bridge is three or more crowns fused together side by side, the middle crowns replace the missing teeth.

There are different types of materials and porcelains available for dental crowns and bridges, which range from the more aesthetic layered porcelain crowns to the highly strong zirconia crowns, and hybrids which have a metal substructure. Dr. Maria Bustamante‘s extensive training and knowledge will ensure that the material of choice fits your dental cosmetic and functional needs. 

Why would I need a crown?

A dental crown, also known as a “cap”, is a way to restore and protect a tooth that has chipped, fractured off, has extensive decay, or has received a root canal treatment. Crowns help to restore the teeth to their ideal shape and function when a tooth has lo much tooth structure missing that it will not support a composite filling.

At Seven Star Dental in Cincinnati, we offer CEREC same-day porcelain crowns.

CEREC® Same-Day All Porcelain Crowns.

Dr. Maria Bustamante’s goal is to offer the latest in technology to her patients. CEREC uses cutting edge CAD/CAM digital technology for the fabrication of in-house porcelain crowns.

A digital scan of the tooth is taken which results in ultimate accuracy and a precise fit of the same-day porcelain crown. This latest technology enhances patient comfort and offers the convenience of a single visit treatment by:

  1. Eliminating the goopy impressions since all the impressions are digital
  2. Increased precision in the final restoration
  3. In most instances, we complete the procedure from start to seating the final porcelain crown in one single visit.

While your final crown is being milled right here in our office, we will pamper you with a heated massage chair. Or, you can simply relax and listen to music or watch a movie of your choice. At Seven Star Dental, patients love this time to themselves away from the daily stresses of home or work.

One alternative for a bridge is a dental implant.

When you are weighing the options to replace a tooth, if the teeth on either side of the space need crowns for protection, them a dental bridge is a viable option to accomplish both: protect the supporting teeth and replace the missing tooth.

But, what if the two supporting teeth don’t have nor need any restorations in them? In this scenario, a dental implant would be a more optimal option, and is nowadays the standard of care. The advantages of a dental implant are as follows:

  1. Implants look, feel, and function more like a natural tooth.
  2. The natural structure of the teeth adjacent to the space is preserved since these are not reshaped for support.
  3. A potential food trap under a dental bridge is eliminated.
  4. An implant is considered essentially a permanent solution, whereas a bridge often needs replacement in 12-20 years if the supporting teeth get decay. 

Call our office – Seven Star Dental in Cincinnati today if you would like to discuss your options for restoring your mouth to its ideal health and wellness!