Do you ever look at your smile and wish that you could correct a few minor imperfections. Maybe there are dark stains that won’t go away, or you have a cracked tooth that sticks out like a sore thumb? Both of these problems – and many more – can be addressed by getting top-quality veneers in Cincinnati. 

At Seven Star Dental, we’ve provided lots of Cincinnati locals with bespoke veneers that upgrade their smiles. It’s one of our most popular cosmetic dental procedures, and here’s everything you need to know about it:

What Are Veneers?

Dental veneers are very thin pieces of material that are used to replicate your teeth. They’re made out of porcelain, which gives the veneers natural robustness and strength to mimic the properties of real teeth. This material is then applied over the front of your existing teeth, creating a brand new appearance. 

Why Would You Need Veneers?

As we mentioned, veneers are mainly used to provide cosmetic benefits in your mouth. If you have stains or chips, then a veneer can be placed over these teeth, making it look brand new. 

However, veneers also treat other slight dental issues as well. If you have a tooth that’s smaller than the rest, then a veneer can help close the gaps between the teeth and make your small tooth look bigger. They can also be used to correct slight misalignments, rather than opting for a more extensive orthodontics procedure. 

Lastly, some of our patients in Cincinnati, Ohio, will get veneers to brighten their teeth. You can choose the color-tone, meaning you can fit your mouth with perfectly shaped teeth that are pearly white. 

How Are Veneers Fitted?

Our treatment starts by assessing your teeth and preparing them for a veneer. The first step involves removing a thin layer of the enamel, which makes room for the veneer to be placed over the tooth. From here, we’ll take impressions of your mouth to create a veneer that fits perfectly in place. 

Next, we get the veneer made for you in a lab, and you’re given a temporary one while you wait. You’ll be brought back once the veneer is ready, and we’ll attach it. There’s no need for any anesthetic when placing the veneer as it essentially just sticks on. 

That’s all there is to it; you’ve now got a brand new veneer! 

What Are The Benefits Of Veneers?

The leading benefit is that you can improve your smile. Our veneers in Cincinnati will rectify any cosmetic issues and give you a gorgeous smile. Plus, veneers look very natural. They look just like the rest of your teeth, and they’ll be colored to match the natural color of your teeth as well. 

It’s a relatively pain-free procedure as well, you might feel slight discomfort during the preparation phase. But, compared to other options – like crowns or implants – it takes less time and isn’t as painful. There’s no recovery time either, you can get on with life as soon as they’re fitted. 

Lastly, dental veneers are easy to maintain. All you need to do is brush your teeth and floss as usual – simple!

If you want to create the perfect smile, then consider getting dental veneers in Cincinnati. Call us if you have any queries or wish to book a consultation. 

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