Our North Star: Seven Star Dental by Dr. Maria Bustamante April 15, 2020

  1. As we are challenged during this uncertain times, and need mutual support, let’s share some positive tips and not lose sight of our own North Star.
  2. We’ve heard plenty of information about practices to maintain safety and health. Let’s keep on practicing those great hygiene and social distancing habits!
  3. Let’s immerse ourselves with positive thoughts. We are all in this together; and, this too shall pass. Let’s be good to ourselves and focus on positive thoughts; perhaps meditation and prayer; reading uplifting quotes!
  4. Physical activity releases those “feel-good” hormones. Perhaps taking a brisk walk to breath in some fresh air in the neighborhood, trying a favorite work out video or app, jumping rope, learning a new dance! 1
  5. Spending that priceless, valuable time with our loved ones at home. Doing one-on-ones with each of our kids doing their favorite activity. As we are challenged with homeschooling, let’s remind ourselves that this is temporary; and know we can look back at this time being thankful for the opportunity to bond and grow together.
  6. If you are home alone, reconnect with long lost friends and relatives. There is always someone that will be happy to hear your voice and reminisce on good times together.
  7. Let’s learn a new skill, a new language, or do that hobby that we’ve desired to do for a long time. In my household, we love drawing and practicing Spanish. How about yours?
  8. Let’s cook healthy meals, eat a well-balanced diet and take our multi-vitamins. The vitamins that we tend to be low on in this local area, and that support our immune system are: vitamin D, vitamin C, Zinc (check for medicine contraindications)
  9. Let’s organize and clean our home spaces. It is known that visual clutter can add to our stress. There is no better time than now to purge, organize and sanitize. Love that newly clean feel that relaxes our senses!
  10. Let’s invest time in ourselves to grow professionally. We might not be earning a normal income (or one at all), but the knowledge we gain is ours to keep forever! Let’s create more personal strengths.
  11. Let’s practice an activity that is gratifying to us! Is it listening to music? Take yourself back to those special moments in life…
  12. Let’s floss! And practice 2 min of thorough brushing twice a day. Most of the times this gets forgotten due to lack of time or tiredness. Daily flossing is the key now more than ever. Let’s get to it! We will notice ;D
  13. And most importantly, let’s give ourselves permission to dream about a bright future, keeping our eyes on the big picture, our North star and smile. Dreams and smiles touch our hearts and uplift our souls! We all need that now, let’s do this together!

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