Composite Fillings

Tooth colored composite fillings offer a better alternative than the old mercury fillings. Besides being aesthetic, they also are more conservative fillings since they are bonded to the teeth. The physical property of the resin material mimics more closely that of the tooth, which results in lesser stress to the tooth than the old mercury filling would cause.  

Resin Composite fillings contain micro glass particles mixed with a plastic composite resin to give both aesthetics and durability to the restoration. 

Are composite fillings right for me?

Modern resin materials offer the aesthetics, strength, and durability that could not be matched by the materials available 20-30 years ago. They allow the preservation of more natural tooth structure; they are mercury-free and as a bonus, result in a younger looking smile!

The material of choice for a dental restoration, whether it is a resin composite or porcelain, is determined by the amount of existing damage on the tooth.